Hi everyone,

Welcome to Dude Starship’s blog. Dude is an intrigal part of me, Philip Finlay Bryan (google me) I first picked up the name 4 years ago when I joined second life. At that time “family names” were chosen and I chose Starship. Dude was just a feeling bit adventurous I guess but established now!

Having Widget problems. So here is a video I hope you will enjoy. The background is from Blue Mars a virtual world I joined after a fight with Linden Labs over support for Windows 7 . I was there for a year. I became disillusioned when they stopped supporting the PC platform. Then I got sick for a year. So below you have a mixture of both Dude x 3 with a BM background. I use all things…..

Below is a new video I like. The animations in second life are very good. Here we have Dude doing an interpretive dance to the tune.

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