Robots vs Avatars

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Familys of avatars in a totally immersive 3D world (Second Life) mimic the real world in style, form and interaction better than robots.

A personal robot exists within a culture and “adopts” that cultures mannerisms. Shaking of the head in the west means no, in India it signifies agreement. In Second Life you create an Avatar, model their shape clothe them until they represent you. You interact in a realistic appropriate 3D environment. You immerse yourself in the secondlife cyberculture. (see and interact through voice or typed chat. Your avatar has mannerisms that are programmed into it. Whole familys exist up to 3rd generations interacting in cyberspace. Young adults and adults can join a cybercommunity that has a special interest e.g. the blues (music) where you can dance and listen to live music with a live Dj. New relationships are formed that often extend into the real world. For some second life is a game for others it is an online community where interactions take place via a cyber representative of the real you. As in real life my avatar dresses appropriately for the community, has a job (hosting in blues clubs) and conducts “himself” in a manner fitting.

The interaction of young children with a box coming into the real world is awesome. However the “screen” culture dominates and interactions on screen are the norm from adolescence on. Facebook is a flat medium, you are you with family photos, videos and things you have “liked” accross the internet. An avatar in a 3D world is much more sophisticated.

In recent times we have seen the true implimentation of 21st Century Networks. Highspeed 24/7 connections are the norm. YouTube will accept a 2 gigabyte upload. Out mobile phones can have arms and legs and probably can even manage a Gallic shrug. However dancing with my phone connected to a good friend, in a blues club, would seem odd.

My avatar is called Dude Starship with “his” own dot com. I want my avatar to traverse anywhere in cyberspace and have some Artificial Intelligence for when I am not available.


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